Friday, August 5, 2011

My First Assignment.

In a desperate search to discover the very purpose I've been planted on this earth...I started writing. I know I have something of significance to offer others, but I'm not yet quite sure what that is.

I have an inkling that is has something to do with my natural ability to create words. From as far back as I can remember, I have shaped lyrics for songs and written poetry. Day in and day out I've worked to sharpen my talent on the grind stone of consistency and practice. Deep within me I know that I have the ability to use this talent in a small part of the "bigger picture."

With this blog, I hope to write something that resonates with the hearts of men and women. Writing in one sense is a selfish endeavour, because we write for ourselves in most cases. But the beauty of writing for yourself, and even at times about yourself, empowers your readers as they face the very same challenges and seek answers to the same issues.

Let's face it - it is the nature of human beings to love a good story.

As I work to identify my personal uniqueness and operate my life from that center, I invite you to come along for the ride. The world is my oyster. Somewhere within these twists and turns of conflict and where the magic happens.

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