Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Is it okay to, from time to time, to show a little bit of weakness? Hell, I don't know either. But when faced with a jarring, ass clenching kick in the face...you kind of have no choice but to keel over in pain just a little.

I've felt so incredibly lost of late. I've lost my fire. One could sit and speculate about cause but....either way, it's feeling much darker than usual around here.

So if we're going to disregard cause...then we have to focus on the solution.

Don't Give Up the Ship.

Don't forget why you did this. Don't forgot, you have the power to transform something mundane into something magnificent....every day. Don't forget, you can and will leave behind a meaningful footprint in time.


  1. Hey Shea. Are you experiencing career challenges? Setbacks? Issues? Might I suggest a sympathetic voice? Look up an outspoken TV news guy named Doug who blogs at liveapartmentfire.com. Seems he's suddenly become a fan.

    1. I will. Why do you say he's suddenly become a fan?

  2. Any chance we can get an update on where Shea is now. I just hope it is in a big job in a big city.

  3. Some of the most successful people I can think of have been through something similar - keep your head up.