Sunday, July 28, 2013

Feel the beat.

It's like forgetting the words to your favorite song. 
You can't believe it, you were always singing along. 
It was so easy and the words so sweet. 
You can't remember, you try to feel the beat. 

You've spent all of your life trying not to fall behind. 
You're using your headphones to drown out your mind. 
It was so easy and the words so sweet. 
You can't remember, you try to move your feet. 

Someone's deciding whether you stay or go. 
He opens the window to make you feel the chill. 
You feel like an orphan, tossed and then betrayed. 
You can't remember, you try to feel the beat. 


  1. The beat is always there...

    It's just that sometimes we get so wrapped up in the "Crud" around us that we can't hear it.


    "Happiness is like a butterfly where
    if you chase it it is always beyond your reach...

    But if you sit quietly it will alight upon you..."

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  2. These words are the lyrics to a REGINA SPEKTOR song... so how is this not plagiarism to neglect to mention that? And how, as a journalist, can you not know this? (even if you did modify the final stanza to fit your current crisis?) You don't put her name in the tags or anywhere in the post, thus taking credit for her poetry. Especially shameless when you're currently getting so much social media traffic from your firing.

  3. @Donia Lilly - get over it you small minded little creature.

    1. Small minded?? How is pointing out that a journalist is taking credit for someone else's writing small minded? Wow. Willful ignorance always astonishes me.

    2. People like you make me sick. Do you see anyone else worrying if they're lyrics? NO.

    3. Since the majority of the people on the internet steal the images and words of creative people and post them as their own with no attribution, taking credit for other people's work every minute of every day - often making money from those creative people's work - no, it doesn't surprise me, nor does it matter if I "see anyone else worrying if they're lyrics".... It's not only wrong, it's illegal. Just like her admission to mail theft was in a previous post, but most people don't care about that either. Doesn't change the illegality of it.

      If she was a teenager or clueless adult, it would be understandable, but this person is supposed to be a "journalist." That's what makes her theft of someone else's writing all the more egregious. Especially since people are praising her quality of "writing" on this blog as a defense of her case as a journalist who shouldn't have been fired. Even if she didn't bother to mention Regina Spektor's name anywhere in the post or tags, the least she could have done was put quotes around it like her first commenter did who probably couldn't remember the quote's source. But as a "reporter" Shea should ostensibly have the investigative skills to discover her own quote's source. I'm guessing she knows it pretty well though.

    4. Appropriating the words of others and presenting them as your own is dishonest and not the best trait for an aspiring reporter.

      Truth is, give credit where credit is due.

    5. Alejandra Gabriela Guzman Penal is a famous Mexican rock singer and actress. She makes a living making her people proud of her by creating musical works of art. She and the millions of others who work in this industry rely on their writing talents, their artistic talents period. When they are robbed, denied or excluded from the rights and acknowledgement--they are stifled, unable to prosper with their own God given talents. There are many famous Guzmans in the world. It is an old Spanish name. Many Guzmans were settled very early in Texas. I think if any of them created anything, which I'm sure they did, their originality should be respected. Ms. Allen's desire, even in her blog, to misrepresent someone else's work as her own is a problem even in such a circle. It should be a problem for you too, not one that makes you sick. You may like whom you like, support whom you like, and that goes for me and Ms. Lilly. All three us can also agree that artistic creativity is special and deserves recognition. We are not telling you your like of Ms. Allen is misguided or wrong. All we are saying that the standard, especially for a journalist is to ALWAYS give credit to the originator, in all forums, no exceptions.

      If you are a tagger, writer (someone who does graffiti art), you don't paint over someone else's wall. If you participate in weekly car strolls with redone vintage cars, you don't break the order. There are rules in everything. All we are saying is respect it, get mad when people don't, not when they do.

  4. Don't give up Shea Allen! You got the ball rolling pretty good. Now see how far it'll take you. Jealous people are usually the biggest nay sayers.

  5. As a professional journalist, someone whom I understand to have a communications background, you may want to consider spending less time living behind the words of others if you intend to maintain the standard of always being a reflection of the truth as discussed in your "confessions" blog. "It's Like Forgetting the Words to a Song..."--Regina Spektor deserves creative acknowledgement at the end of your cut and pasting of her song lyrics. It's absolutely OK to have one's feelings/emotions explained from the creativity of others, but we still must let the world know when those words of reflection are not our own--that's truth, even in a blog.

    "Do that which is assigned...", the Emerson quote is incomplete and may be to blame for some of your actions being carried out under a misunderstood excerpt. "Insist on yourself; never imitate. Your own gift you can present every moment with the cumulative force of a whole life's cultivation; but of the adopted talent of another you have only an extemporaneous half possession... Do that which is assigned to you, and you cannot hope too much or dare too much." This is the complete quote. In the most simplest of meanings it is advising against the mimicking or copying of someone else-any of someone else's talents/abilities as your own. When one does that, like plagiarism for example, you remove the possibility of allowing others to see your true self and your gifts, only a life half-lived, as you are mixing you and another together. But, when you actually do what you are able to do and give what you are able to give--well, then one never needs to worry about overstepping their own strengths.

    I don't know you. I am sure that given the number of years of work, people you've met and those in support of you not being fired, you must be likable. I'm confident those supporters would rather see your innate/intangible gifts.

    Correction: you wrote that those who are conservative might be offended by your confessions. One's political, social or personal reflections has nothing to do with how one reacts to your comments. Matt Lauer's question about the age of those who agreed with your firing is interesting but irrelevant. When you say you are afraid of age, you don't dress appropriately for a job that requires such considerations, when you state that a job you are getting paid for is boring and you're underpaid for it, etc.-expect to be let go. We don't at certain professional stages in our career/on our jobs get to dictate whom we ill interview or possibly offend future story subjects.

    If you are uncomfortable with age, volunteer in a senior center until you get it and understand your own destiny will one day get you there as well. Some comments are best left out. This is not about free speech either. Certain professions, whether we like it or no,t have a standard. Credibility comes with news reporting. You must think about every possible news story you may cover, not the ones you've done or only want to do, as that will get you 0 distance from where you are currently.

    We don't jump off the Brooklyn Bridge because someone told us to. We don't say what we want on the internet that reflects on our profession because everyone else does it. Texting style is unacceptable in a business letter. Blogging negatively about water restriction policies most likely won't get a dishwasher fired from his job. Blogging about the decisions made that go against job expectations, expressing prejudice (even if based on fear) toward another protected group lacks tolerance and some other standards, and finally--

    you have not had the ability taken away to make a difference. You opportunity to make a difference with NBC has been taken away. Best of luck doing that somewhere else. You have, God willing, a full life ahead to do just that!

    1. "It's absolutely OK to have one's feelings/emotions explained from the creativity of others, but we still must let the world know when those words of reflection are not our own--that's truth, even in a blog." <-- Love the way you expressed this. Thanks for sharing another side to the point I was making above (my guess is less people will get to read your lovely wording since it's nested in such a long comment).

      I also appreciated the strange irony you point out of the full quote she excerpts from Emerson in her blog heading in relation to the issue of this post.

    2. Until I read your expose, I thought Shea Allen is one eloquent writer and unfairly terminated.

      From her 10 confessions, it is quite clear that she is not only phobic (to old people) but also has unethical streak.

      A Reporter's job is to report the facts regardless of personal biases or phobias. Turning off recording of the subjects and not telling them is unethical.
      Her further blog post removes any doubts about her political bias against conservatives.

      If Shea wants to regain her footing as a solid reporter, she will have to drop her biases and phobias. If she doesn't want others to copy her material without her permission, she must learn not to plagiarize.

      She has a long career ahead of her and I wish her well.

  6. LOL. You must be related to my English professor who asked so nicely for me to consider the art of syntax and punctuation more, especially the period and the point of taking a breath when one reads. Yes, it was nested wasn't it? Truth and irony are feeling quite comfortable right about now.