Thursday, December 19, 2013

I can't believe we are still having this argument.

I haven't blogged in quite a while. Let's call it a much needed hiatus or the fact that quite honestly I've been recovering from the fallout. But this latest debacle over...GULP...Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson has me itching to share my thoughts. 

Three months ago, I was fired from my job as a reporter at the ABC affiliate in Huntsville, AL for snarky comments contained in my blog. The result was a media firestorm and weeks of interviews and TV appearances about my termination. Many people touted me as some sort of darling heroine standing up for 1st amendment rights. I wasn't actually "standing up" for anything. What I was actually doing was watching my beloved career, my most fervent passion being blown away with the wind and then morphed into some bastardized media content not worthy of the years of hard work I'd poured into my field of work. 

Back to the topic at hand; this argument about first amendment rights needs to end. While the duck guy has the right to say what he wants without fear of prosecution, the network to which he was EMPLOYED has the right to fire him for comments they feel are harmful to their image. When you are in this industry you HAVE to know better. 

I learned my lesson. It shouldn't take another person's public demise for you to learn yours. Consider this cautionary tale your last warning. 


  1. While I applauded anyone's right to say what they want, when you are in the public eye your words/opinions take on a life of their own. Everyone is trying so hard not to offend that we as a people and a nation are afraid for our image. It shouldn't matter but it does.

  2. Shea I have stood by you 100% and always will. YOU DID NOTHING WRONG ! Absolutely nothing in my opinion. To this day ,I fail to see it. This duck guy actor or character or whatever he is should have known you can't berate and put down a group of people when you are a high profile employee of a major company. Freedom of speech is not 100% freedom of speech. You can't walk in a place and yell "bomb" can't threaten or slander someone and use freedom of speech to defend yourself. If you chose to advertise your being a bigot or racist against a group of people,thats fine , but you have to accept the consequences and backlash. I think thats how it should be.
    I thought of you , even though the things said are two totally different things. I'm still pissed you lost your job over nothing IMO. Glad to hear from you,hope you and your son are doing well ! Miss you and love you Shea!

  3. The word DISCRETION comes to mind. I am one who is bad to voice my opinion on whatever the issue of the day may be. He has his right to his beliefs and he has his right to voice those beliefs. And yes, A&E has the right to terminate him. I think the rub with some of us is that what he said was not on A&E time, much like your blog and situation. The other thing that rubs folks the wrong way is the glaring hypocrisy of the left. They preach tolerance until they disagree with someone and all tolerance and diversity disappear. Just saying.

    Glad you're back out-we missed you!

  4. It's a crying shame when people get cowed into not speaking their minds freely by media corporations. There is not enough net neutrality in this country (you go, Senator Elizabeth Warren Senator Elizabeth Warren has been fighting a lonely battle trying making net neutrality enforceable) The heck with discretion. I side with the right to speak your mind openly, especially in the light-hearted context you did. I would so much rather you could stand up to them. After Clear Channel refused to play Dixie Chicks songs because they'd spoken up against George W. Bush and his lying us into war and their music disappeared from the airwaves the Dixie Chicks did not apologise. Instead they did this song: Dixie Chicks - Not Ready To Make Nice - YouTube.
    It can't be easy. I'm very glad you still blog. All my best wishes.