Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A billion reasons your online dating profile is stupid

Please enjoy this honest play by play and glimpse into the creepy world of

Make sure your audio is up. I think I'm amusing but I'm also a bit of a narcissist. HAPPY WEDNESDAY.


  1. I think you need to get out more sound like you have a bad case of cabin fever!!
    Very cute entry.....*s*

  2. On the record...I met my wife, Lesley, on

  3. You look beautiful in your YouTube video titled "A billion reasons your online dating profile is stupid". I loved listening to you, seeing and hearing how comfortable and natural you are in front of the camera. my dating profile is still up on OKCupid (last Oline July 22, 2012). I'd love to see a video of you reviewing that one for the first time live! I'll bet you'd be laughing and shaking your head and your comments would be fun to hear. Best of luck and have fun with your dating site browsing! and

  4. I must say as a guy who discovered your story online I'd give you a proper opportunity... With or without children. You seem like a great lady...witty, intelligent, and very pretty.